IOGEAR Digital Scribe (GPEN100C) Review

IOGEAR Digital Scribe (GPEN100C)
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This is from someone who owns the product unlike the other review...
From reading the other review, it doesn't seem like he has actually used the pen?? I don't understand why he would have given a bad review?
I have had my Digital Scribe for about a week or so and the unit actually works pretty well.
This picture is wrong though. It is actually a small base that clips onto your paper from the top or angled on the sides (pretty accurate). I have used the unit to write papers because we are required to have a hand written rough draft and then transfer it into word. I can do both at the same time where all my friends have to write their paper and then type it all back into word, saves me a bunch of time.
The software that comes with it is a lite version, but it serves its purpose very well, I can write and translate the text, which is what I bought it for. Its amazing how accurate the pen picks up my writing as well, I have chicken scratch for writing and it does my writing justice, and I don't mind having to correct a word here and there it beats having to type it all out again. So if you are considering this product, im giving it my stamp of approval. IT WORKS and it SAVES me a WHOLE BUNCH OF TIME.
p.s. I wrote thin with my pen, converted it into word and then copied it over into the review.

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